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By Tony on August 1, 2015 in Business, Entreprenuer, Networking, Radio

UntitledPreparing for the last push of the year….. September is right around the corner and it will start the fourth and final quarter of the year. I know, it is hard to believe!!!

I know for me I have just finished looking over everything we have done so far this year. What I found was good but not good enough. Maybe things will never be good enough? I like to think that there is always room for improvement it is what keeps me motivated.

I have found that when I look back over the numerous phone calls that I have had with different people that were interested in hosting their own radio show that the majority of them said that they either could not afford it or that they did not have the time.

It has made me think about how I could help them with both answers. The word podcast is larger than life right now. Personally that excited me because after doing internet radio for over 6 years I feel like I am ahead of the curve.

For anyone that is asking what is the difference I want to make sure to explain it to you. Internet radio is a live show aired on a selected day at a certain time. Once the show is over it becomes a podcast. A podcast is a audio recording that is then uploaded to a platform to be played as a podcast. It can be recorded at anytime and played when ever you are ready.

I could write a bunch of things about podcasting and internet radio, but we will save that for another article. My point here is that entering into the last quarter of the year what are you doing to stand out, gain visibility and build the credibility you deserve to build your business/services/products?

As I mentioned I am EXCITED about everyone now recognizing the benefits of internet radio/podcasting. So here is what we have done. We added a third package for that individual that is not able to commit to a live weekly radio show. You will now be able to send me you recorded interviews and have them played through our network of platforms weekly and gain the credibility you are looking for.

We have created this opportunity for you to prerecord your interviews at your convenience and send them to me in advance so that we can build you a weekly show schedule. Remember people like to do business with those who are consistent in things that they do. (This includes networking! So if you haven’t been consistent now is a GREAT time to show up and be consistent)

Be sure to contact tony@tonygambone.com to learn more about the END of SUMMER Special we are DOING at Tough Talk Radio Network!!!! You can also click here to schedule time to chat with me.

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