“Tony Gambone is truly an authentic leader and connector. Through his everyday actions, Tony confirms the importance of doing business with integrity and respect for others …This is practical advice for business owners at all levels to follow and put into action, with the ultimate goal of creating lasting relationships and a building sustainable.”


Entertainment Through Knowledge with Tony Gambone

Tony Gambone is the founder of the Tough Talk Radio Network, founded in Katy, TX in 2009. This site was created to help him stay in touch with his progressively expanding audience base, while connecting with new fans across the country. Tony is a professional public speaker with a passion for innovative business practices. His “tough taking” attitude and extensive knowledge of strategic business planning resonate with a wide-ranging group of people; audiences of all backgrounds can relate to Tony’s conversational, yet informational speaking style. An accomplished entrepreneur, Tony understands the struggle many start-ups and small businesses face when beginning their business ventures. He not only offers valuable advice; he offers the honest path to success.

Drawn to the ever-evolving world of business, Tony devotes his life to the success of up-and-coming entrepreneurs. What began as a simple talk show has now become a full-fledged radio network, allowing Tony to further assist entrepreneurs on their journeys. He sees this not as another business conquest, but as a way to give back.

Tony has recently expanded his speaking to off-air events and is  now availing for booking. If you’d like him to speak at an event or seminar, or you’d like to purchase one of his books, please contact us.

You have the ability to achieve success in business; you just need a little tough love!